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The New York Law Firm of Hill & Moin LLP represents plaintiffs who have sustained serious and permanent injuries arising from: falls, work related injuries, automobile accidents and medical malpractice. With more than fifty years of combined experience, they have achieved extraordinary success.

The members of the firm have an outstanding rapport with their clients, who speak highly of their work and often refer their friends and co-workers. They carefully evaluate each case, take the time to know their clients and take pride in these personal relationships. Once the situation is assessed, they have an uncanny ability to quickly zero in on the facts that really make a difference in the case.

When you first enter the firm, you will immediately notice the warm and friendly atmosphere in the new, modern and open offices.  The attorneys are compassionate and understanding and know how to aggressively fight for your rights.

The attorneys at Hill & Moin LLP have demonstrated superlative trial and keen negotiation skills. Most importantly, they have the winning intuition that often helps them prevail against the odds.

Hill & Moin LLP has the unique ability to take cases from the outset through litigation, trial and to the appellate courts if necessary.

The firm retains a full-time private investigator as well as a staff of experienced attorneys and paralegals. The attorneys have the experience and the resources to tackle complex catastrophic injury cases. In addition, the multi-lingual staff speaks English, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Chinese, and is always eager to help.

Out of State Injuries

We can refer you to attorneys out of state who also utilize the "Personal Injury Recovery Solutions" strategies. These are attorneys who ascribe to the same methods and processes in their respective jurisdictions.

What Happens If Other Legal Issues Arise While You Are a Client?

Your attorneys need to know if there are any changes in your life. If there is another legal issue, do not ignore it. Hill & Moin LLP will evaluate the relevance to your pending litigation. If the issue needs particular expertise out of this firm's areas of practice, we can refer you to counsel who will consider the impact of your personal injury litigation on the problem that has arisen.

Additionally, Hill & Moin LLP offers free consultations on any negligence matter. Parents of children who are hurt, seniors and workers who are hurt – let us explain your rights to you in the event of an unexpected injury!

Don't wonder about your rights!


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