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Premises Liability
- Slip and fall/ trip and fall accidents
- Stairway accidents
- Sidewalk accidents

- Escalator accidents
- Elevator accidents

Construction Accidents
- Scaffolding accidents
- Heavy machinery and equipment

Transportation Accidents
- Auto accidents
- Subway accidents

- Bicycle accidents
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- Trucking accidents

Medical Issues
- Medical malpractice
- Dental malpractice
- Nursing home abuse
- Cosmetic surgery malpractice
- Birth injuries
- Traumatic brain injuries

- Spinal Injury
- Hand and Wrist Injuries
- Leg & Knee Injuries
- Shoulder Injuries
Foot Injuries

Senior Citizen's Accidents

Caregiver Accidents

Wrongful Death

Police Brutality

Workplace Accidents

Electrocution Accidents

Hotel/ Travel Accidents

Snow and Ice Accidents

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Top 5 Questions to Ask a Prospective Attorney

1) How often will you hear from your attorney?

2) What are the different phases of litigation?

3) What is the expected length of litigation?

4) What are my responsibilities as a plaintiff?

5) What facts need to be established in order to prevail?

10 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Hiring an Attorney
to Represent Them

1) Choosing the wrong attorney from an unknown source.

2) Trying to negotiate with an insurance company without professional representation.

3) Giving a statement to an insurance company before consulting with an experienced attorney.

4) Waiting too long to speak with an attorney after one sustains an injury.

5) Having unrealistic expectations as to the length of litigation or the ultimate outcome.

6) Not being entirely truthful with your attorney at the initial interview and thereafter.

7) Not keeping attorneys immediately informed about any changes in your medical condition.

8) Failure to inform your attorney when you are out of state, or unavailable.

9) Not keeping personal contact information up to date.

10) Not keeping attorneys informed as to life cycle changes in the family such as: death, divorce, extended illness.

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