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Erika’s Story

Compassion in a Painful Time

Erika Mendelsohn knows this at first hand. More than 20 years ago, she broke a kneecap in a fall caused by a pair of misleveled cellar doors on a sidewalk. It was a debilitating injury that bothers her to this day in bad weather. Seeking an attorney, she took the recommendation of a customer in her husband’s Forest Hills butcher shop and met with Cheryl Moin. In Cheryl she found an attorney who was “very smart, very capable,” and, most importantly, who put her at her ease. She never considered another lawyer.

Warmth + Professionalism = Reassurance

Getting caught up in the legal system for the first time is a scary experience. You’re a target for intimidation. But Cheryl was a standout for Erika, explaining every step of the process and telling her exactly what to expect. Cheryl worked tirelessly for Erika and obtained a settlement that brought her the compensation she deserved without an expensive, nerve-wracking trial; but the “very reassuring” support Erika got from Cheryl and the rest of the team was just as important.

Support in a Crushing Mishap

Some years later a holiday boat ride turned tragic for Erika when fingers on both her hands were crushed between her boat and the hotel dock. With the trust she felt from her first experience, it was natural for her to turn to Hill & Moin again. The team focused on the manner in which the boat had been maintained by a hotel employee, and again achieved a resolution that was highly favorable to their client. Even though Erika had been through the process, Hill & Moin’s reassurance and warmth were key to coping while afflicted with another painful, disabling injury.

Nowhere was this more true than when Erika had to give a deposition. Sandy Hill’s combination of calm, professional preparation and warm concern were a source of strength for Erika. It was “terrifying” being confronted by a lawyer and having to give sworn testimony, she says, but with Sandy’s expert preparation and her constant presence to rely on, she came through it.

A Record of Trust Validated

And the same was true still more recently, when another sidewalk injury resulted in a plate being inserted in Erika’s elbow. Hill & Moin ‘s warmth and friendliness, the pains they took to keep her informed, and the built-up trust she was able to repose in them reassured her she would come through this traumatic experience while they worked to make sure she was compensated for her injuries.

Hill & Moin—Your “Family Attorneys”

Erika Mendelsohn can bear witness to the negotiation and litigation skills that enable Hill & Moin to achieve excellent results in all kinds of personal injury cases, from simple slip-and-falls to complex questions of supervisory liability. But as important, she can bear witness to the caring commitment that makes her feel like family.

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