Hill & Moin communicated with me all the way.
At my previous law firm there was no communication.
Everything worked out in my best interest and I'm really happy!
I appreciate what they did and they really did a good job.
Gladys Robinson


Video Testimonials


"On my way to work, I tripped and fell in the train station... I went to Hill & Moin and they all treated me like family. I had my settlement and it was more than I expected it to be... I'm very happy!"

M. Thomas

"I had a pretty nasty bicycle accident... A driver opened his door right as I was approaching the car. I landed on my left side breaking my left elbow and hip. I was put in touch with Hill & Moin, I can recommend them highly... You can depend on them..."

S. Baum


"Hill & Moin communicated with me all the way. At my previous law firm there was no communication. Everything worked out in my best interest and I'm really happy! I appreciate what they did and they really did a good job."

Gladys Robinson

"I am so happy that I found the lawyers of Hill & Moin. I was in a car accident and suffered injuries to my neck and back. They were family to me and I'm happy with the settlement..."

Theresa Wilson


"I was involved in a car accident. I came to Hill & Moin and I am very grateful. I got more money than I expected and ... they are the best lawyers..."

Carmen Madrid



"I was injured on the job... I fell from a scaffold and I came to Hill & Moin.  I appreciate the way they worked hard to help me out. I recommend Hill & Moin".

Francis Antoine



"Nothing will ever fix my leg, but it makes it better knowing that I got justice and that I was represented very well... Everyone on the staff made things so easy.  When I came in for my deposition I felt so prepared. They settled things very nicely for me. At the end I just wanted to hug everyone..."

Alex Levine

"I was very hesitant about seeing any lawyer because years ago I had a terrible experience with lawyers..."

"Hill and Moin was so understanding. They made me feel so comfortable and secure... It was the best experience in my entire life and I couldn't be happier."

Marie Cestone

"I tripped and fell in front of Penn Station, and broke my shoulder..."

"I have been very satisfied with the work that Hill & Moin has done. They are careful, thoughtful and kind and it was a pleasure working with them. In the end I received a very generous check. We are very satisfied with them and would recommend Hill & Moin to anybody who has a similar problem. "

Myra Heller

"This firm is great! When my life was hard, they made it easy. When I needed help, they reached their hand out to help me. If you ever need a lawyer, you need to go to Hill & Moin"

J. Banks

"The best Lawyer in New York City."

M. Kodirov


"I am very pleased with the outcome. It is the perfect place to go to. You won't feel intimidated, you will feel helped. I would recommend Hill & Moin"

Mr. B.


"I fell off a ladder (almost 30 feet) ... I inured my shoulder, knee and other parts of my body... I'm very happy with my settlement and the way that they treated me and I highly recommend Hill & Moin!"

M. Martinez

"I suffered a fractured hand and a fractured ankle in an elevator trip and fall accident ... Hill & Moin worked hard and long on my case and got me the best results".

Thank you!

C. S.


"After 9 years with another law office... a friend of mine found Hill & Moin and I got a quick resolution, it's unbelievable..."

Yuri B.


"I slipped and hurt myself... I would recommend this firm to anyone because I had a really good experience here and the staff is wonderful".

C. Durrant


"... The staff was great and it was a great experience. I can welcome anyone to come see Hill & Moin, anytime, any day".

E. Smart


78 Year Old Retired Administrator Receives a $300,000 Settlement for Her Fractured Hip after Tripping and Falling on a Broken Sidewalk
(listen to her audio testimonial below)


Spanish Testimonials
"I came here because I had an accident at work. I work construction, and my accident took place with a hoyt lift, that’s a machine that is used to raise materials up. I felt very well represented here with Hill & Moin. Their personnel are extremely capable and treat people extremely well. And thankfully, we were able to bring this case to a resolution."


"Hello, good afternoon, my name is Pedro. I was referred by a friend to the attorneys at Hill & Moin after I had a construction accident where I seriously injured my head. They took my case and attended to me that best possible ways. For everything they have done, I am very grateful to everyone because they got me everything they could to benefit me. I would recommend any friends who have had a similar injury to speak with them!
Thank you!"

Mr. Gonzales


"I was involved in an accident in 2011, it is now 2012 and my case has now settled, It has been a pleasure working  with the firm of Hill& Moin, LLP and I would recommend anyone to call this firm because they are so nice to work with."

Mr. Cisneros

"I had an accident 1/22/2005 and since the beginning of my case the firm of Hill & Moin, LLP have helped me with alott of my problems and when the case settled I was so happy.

I have recommended this firm to a lot of friends because I trust this firm."

"You are the best"

J. Morales

“My name is Luis Cali. In 2013, I was in an accident when I suffered terrible injuries. I came to Hill & Moin for legal help and they won the case for me. I am very grateful for Hill & Moin’s services. I would recommend Hill & Moin to anyone who has a civil court matter. “

L. Cali

Romanian Testimonial  
"Hill & Moin, thank you so much for all your help, it was an experience, a real experience. It is the first time in my life I had such a case, and I think I will not have anything like it again. You helped me so much, I didn’t expect such support from you. Again, thank you so much. It was quite an experience. Thank you! "

"Hill & Moin, mulţumesc foarte mult pentru ajutorul pe care mi l-aţi dat, a fost o experienţă, o adevărată experienţă. Pentru prima dată in viaţa mea am avut un asemenea caz, şi cred că nu o să mai am un alt caz de genul acesta. M-aţi ajutat foarte mult, nici nu mă aşteptam să am atâta sprijin din partea dumneavoastră. Incă odată, mulţumesc foarte mult. A fost o experienţă. Mulţumesc."

Aurora Dinca

Russian Testimonials  

Привет, меня зовут Юрий Белик. После 9 лет работы с адвокатами с другой фирмы я понял что процесс затягивается все больше и больше. Мой друг который нанял адвокатов из Hill & Moin посоветовал мне эту фирму. Удивительный результаты работы, быстро и качественною Если вы ищете качественно оказонную помощь, вы должны обратиться в Hill & Moin.

Yuri B.

"The best Lawyer in New York City."

M. Kodirov


"I got into a very bad car accident. Even though the accident was horrific, two previous attorneys that I asked for help did not want to take over the case. They said that this is not a “win” case and no money will be recovered at the end. Sometime later my wife accidentally found Hill & Moin’s number in the newspaper. We immediately called to the office and scheduled an appointment. At the first meeting with attorneys, I was notified that the case might “expire” in 2 weeks. After I retained Hill & Moin,LLP I felt like the case came back alive. It took another 4 years to settle the case, because previous attorneys simply wasted my time. Finally, I received a big settlement. I am thanking attorneys from Hill & Moin,LLP. I did not even expect this!"

V. Borodkin


64 Year Old  Russian-speaking Accountant Receives $200,000 Settlement for Injuries Sustained in Trip and Fall Accident Near Grand Central Station
(listen to her audio testimonial below)

English Translation

"I really enjoyed working with Hill & Moin. The investigation process was done quickly and very professionally. Hill & Moin found the best ways to find defendant’s liability. It was very convenient working with Russian-speaking staff, because when you experience pain you want to be understood without you trying to find the best words to describe it in a foreign language.

Even though I live outside of 5 boroughs, Hill & Moin was always very understanding when it was came to scheduling appointments. It was very easy to commute, because all the subway lines lead to the office. It was very easy to work with Sandy, because she understands that I am new to lawsuits and I do not know certain details. I would highly recommend Hill & Moin to everyone who might be injured."

Farsi Testimonial  
"The best Lawyer in New York City."

M. Kodirov 

Yiddish Testimonial  

“ I was very satisfied with the service” If you have a  case.. you’ll have much success with this firm”

Mr. B.


Hear Our Multi Lingual Staff





"The law office of Hill & Moin, LLP is a firm with the most qualified and compassionate group of legal professionals. I work as a paralegal here and I can truly say that we work as a team. Our staff is multilingual to help our clients with all different kinds of problems. What sets us apart from all the other law firms is that we listen, and we never turn our backs on our clients. At Hill & Moin we treat our clients with respect and understanding because every client is our priority. We always have a paralegal that you can speak with and the attorneys never give up fighting for you. At Hill & Moin, you will feel confident that your case is in good hands because your battle is our battle".

Katherine Boyko


Larry Cruz
Office Manager


Eli Wong Tomasulo

Ivan Zavyalov





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